Since 1990, an incredibly diverse range of people across the globe have been adding, refining, and correcting the data on IMDb. It's an ever-evolving process and we invite you to become a part of it. To become a contributor, you first need to register, but don’t worry it’s free and painless. After registering, check out the Getting Started guide to start submitting. Thank you for your interest and we appreciate your help making IMDb the world’s authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content.

What is a Contributor?

A contributor is anyone who submits information for display on the site. There is a huge variety of data that can be added, such as a new Title (i.e. Movies, TV shows, Video Games etc.), Names (actors, writers, film crew, celebrities etc.) and numerous other categories such as directors, producers, trivia, goofs, soundtracks, quotes, release dates. Please see our Contributors' Charter for more information on how we work together.

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How to add, correct, split and merge names.

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We welcome you to try IMDb Answers. The updating feed of questions makes this an easy way to share your knowledge with entertainment fans. Customize your feed to your areas of interests including the below, and more:

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We appreciate all our Contributors, but some have done (and continue to do) a truly exceptional job. Check out our Top Contributors below:
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