Data Processing Times

We process large quantities of valuable data which is submitted by you, our contributors. While all submissions are important, to ensure we display the highest profile data for the most popular content as quickly as possible, we prioritize contributions based on the type of content submitted.

Last updated on 20 September 2020.

The number of unprocessed items and the SLA (Service Level Agreement) for each type is listed below.

Unprocessed items within SLA: 77.07%. Unprocessed items outside SLA: 22.93% = 2,569 items.


  • Processing times for Contact Data (Branches, Employees, Clients, Company Types, Company Affiliations, Company Acronyms, Direct Contact) is not listed below. Contact data is processed at Platinum priority (within 1 business day).
  • The Oldest Item Date is the submission date for the single oldest unprocessed item within that category. Most contributions submitted after that date will have already been processed.

Data Type SLA Oldest Item Unprocessed Items
Business Gold 17 September 2020 14
Certificates Platinum 16 September 2020 197
Color Info Silver 16 September 2020 2
Company Core Platinum 19 September 2020 25
Company Filmography Silver 16 September 2020 73
Crazy Credits Platinum 18 September 2020 24
Filmography: Cast Platinum 16 September 2020 556
Filmography: Crew Platinum 16 September 2020 1,435
Genre Platinum 18 September 2020 691
Image: Countries Platinum 18 September 2020 18
Image: Languages Platinum 18 September 2020 8
Image: Name Links Platinum 18 September 2020 667
Image: New Images Platinum 18 September 2020 2,052
Image: Title Links Platinum 18 September 2020 2,125
Image: Title Primary Images Platinum 18 September 2020 44
Languages Gold 16 September 2020 2
Locations Platinum 18 September 2020 93
Name Core Platinum 18 September 2020 270
Name Merges Platinum 2 September 2020 310
Name: Gender Platinum 18 September 2020 34
Name: Relation Silver 17 September 2020 8
New Companies Platinum 19 September 2020 25
New Names Platinum 18 September 2020 171
New Titles Platinum 19 September 2020 54
Plot Outlines Platinum 17 September 2020 295
Production Country/Region Silver 16 September 2020 2
Production Status Platinum 18 September 2020 177
Release Dates Platinum 16 September 2020 485
Running Times Platinum 16 September 2020 89
Soundtrack Platinum 18 September 2020 130
Title Core Platinum 19 September 2020 279
Title Merges Platinum 17 September 2020 93
User Reviews Platinum 19 September 2020 755

Data Type Prioritization

Below are the different service levels we target.

  • Platinum - Will be processed on the first business day after submission.
  • Gold - Top 1,000 (most popular Names/Titles) will be processed on the first business day after submission. Remainder will be processed five business days after submission.
  • Silver - Will be processed five business days after submission.

Data Type Grouping

Filmography: Cast
Actor, Actress
Filmography: Crew
Cinematographers, Composers, Directors, Producers, Writers, Animation Department, Art Department, Art Director, Camera Department, Casting Department, Casting Director, Costume Department, Costume Designer, Editorial Department, Location Management Department, Make Up Department, Miscellaneous, Music Department, Production Designers, Production Managers, Set Decorators, Sound Department, Special Effects Department, Stunts, Thanks, Transportation Department, Visual Effects Department
Company Filmography
Distributors, International Sales Agents, Miscellaneous Companies, Post Production Facilities Companies, Production Companies, Special Effects Companies
Title Core
Title Corrections and AKAs, Title Number, Title Parent, Title Primary Text, Title Type, Title Year

Name Core
Name Corrections, Name Primary Text
Budget, Copyright Holder, Gross, Opening Weekend, Production Dates, Shooting Dates
Technical Info
Film Length, Negative Format, Printed Film Format, Aspect Ratio, Cinematographic Process, Camera, Laboratory

Title URLs
External Reviews, Official Sites, and Other Sites containing images, sound clips, or videos